Getting More Things Done

Hey, what have we accomplished lately (with much, much help from others)?

*Our ratty storm door on the front of the house was replaced. Our storm door from the back was taken because it matches the other door out front. A new storm door was installed out back. It is great.

*Our new sink was finally installed. We had it for many months, but had to wait for my uncle to put it in since everything I try to do becomes a disaster.

*The back (south) side of our roof was re-shingled the Saturday before vacation.

*We tore up our crumbling walkway on Wednesday of vacation, and Krissy’s dad bought and helped us install a new one on Thursday. It looks very nice indeed.

Yay, us!

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  1. Angi says:

    I really like your new front walkway! It does indeed look very nice 🙂

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