Ready To Take On The World

OK, I’ve had almost an entire week of convalescing. I’m back and ready to take on the internet…

Hey, punk. You lookin’ at me? Bring it on!

Wait, wait!

*cough, cough, clear my throat*

There, I’m better now; let’s have at it. I know you’ve been sneering at me! Let me wipe that look right off your ugly face!

Oh, wait, hold on…that coughing spell left me short of breath…

:inhaler: *pause*

Alright, I should be OK now. Whew! I was getting a little dizzy there. Where was I…? Oh, yeah. Let’s go a round, me and you, the punk who won’t keep his snide remarks to himself. I can take you in my sleep, loser-boy.

Oh….speaking of sleep, my medication is making me drowsy. Can we finish this some other time? I really appreciate it!

Later. (Jerk)

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