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Writing Lull

What’s the deal here? Is nothing exciting happening in my life that I can’t sit down and pound out a post every couple of days? Pretty much. Life it going well. Pretty grand, in fact, but nothing new and exciting … Continue reading

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I Will Survive!

I made it! I conquered the fickle overlord of nature to return victorious and consume mass quantities of seared cow. As I sat laughing at the defeated Appalachian trail, I reflected over my day’s journey…such an uncontested victory had ne’er … Continue reading

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In One Hour

I will head out for a 10 mile hike along the Appalachian Trail near Mt Katahdin. I expect to be gone around 12 hours, riding, hiking, eating, and riding again on too little sleep and very little preparation. If I … Continue reading

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Real Work Begins

My wife returned to school yesterday. This means that, until December…Christmas, pretty much, she gets to do the homework and I get to do the housework. I’m not sure who got the better end of that deal. I don’t miss … Continue reading

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