Instead of going a second day in a row without posting, I’ll put up a poem that you can all try not to comment on. This is poem #15:

The vision before me
A luminescent sight
An ethereal angel
Surrounded by light

She’s entered my world
Soaring in from above
Her passions for life
Fill my heart with love

Her heavenly eyes
And pure silken hair
Flood me with warmth
To wash out despair

My angel’s sweet voice
The melody of the skies
Her grace and her charm
Betray human guise

As I embrace her
The world fades away
Leaving us to enjoy
A love here to stay

What brought down this gift
From up in the night
A treasure of the heavens
Shimmering bright

For me she descended
Assumed mortal coil
Searching for one who’s
Eternally loyal

It’s amazing to write a poem about your wife before you even meet her. For inspiration, I had a piece of art (which I can’t seem to find a link to) and some extra time.


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4 Responses to Angel

  1. Chris Hubbs says:

    I tried not to comment, but I couldn’t help myself.

  2. Krissy says:

    I enjoyed your poem.

    I am glad you think so but the truth is – I am far from angelic.

  3. Scoob says:


    Oh, yes all sarcasm aside. Very nice poem. I feel very stupid right now but it isn’t quite a sonnet, yes?

  4. Roger says:

    Not even close. A sonnet is four quatrains and a couplet. Whether Shakespearean or Elizabethan is defined by the rhyme scheme.

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