Another Wrong Scenario

I work with a young lady, a single mother, who is going to school to better herself and to provide a better life for her son in the future. She lives in an assisted living project which bases her monthly rent according to her income, up to a certain rent maximum. Because of the amount of money she makes (in a low-level clinical job, but a clinical job nonetheless) working full-time, they offered her scant amount of grocery help (food stamps). Monthly she scrambles to pay all her bills and put food on the table.

Here’s the scary part:

She has figured out that if she quits her job, the state will give her more money and she’ll be better off, financially, in the end. She could go to school full time during the day, instead of staying up late after work. Her babysitting will be paid for completely instead of her having to pay for it. The state will give her more than enough money to cover her rent and all her other bills, plus will give her more than enough in monthly food stamps.

How wrong is this?

Why are the people who are trying to do the right thing, the responsible thing, being punished, while people who want to have it as easy as possible are catered to? Why should this mother even be entertaining thoughts of quitting her job so her household will be better provided for? Why aren’t the people who want to be responsible awarded? And how on earth do these case workers/state employees get away with suggesting to single mothers that they could receive even more money if they were to have another kid? And then have the audacity to be offended when said mother’s reaction included profanity?

Seriously, any politician who cared about people and supporting the right thing would fix this instead of merely caring about how they are going to win the next election.

We’ve just elected new officials. They have 2-4 years to figure this out before I vote against them.

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  1. Eric says:

    Welcome to the welfare system of the United States.

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