Emotional Prisons

Since nothing else has popped into my mind, let’s talk poetry. Poetry is emotionally driven–either you are writing from your own emotions or you are trying to stir emotion in others.

Let’s look at some deep emotions from many, many years gone by. Tell me, what do you think about this, officially my 14th poem, in general:

Emotional Prisons

To tumble and tumble
Down life’s twisted stair
To scan and to search
Through life unaware
To be lonely, trapped
Without escape from this lair
When one’s shyness
Takes precedence over care

To be lost
With the end in plain sight
To turn in
On yourself out of fright
When the burdens
Are all far from light
You are lost
To yourself in the night

Because strength
Has flown out of your grasp
An you come
To conclusions at last
You have seen
Your dreams slipping fast
Left’s your soul
A void infinitely vast
All control
Is a thing of the past

Just draw in
It’ll hurt less that way
When your fears
Take all words away
Making husks
Of all that you say
Shy emotions
From the light of the day

To float wild
In a chaotic dark hole
To steer clear
Of the effects of the world
Passing by
Opportunities hurled
Safe are they
Deep inside they are curled

Losing out
On events rushing by
Too afraid
In silence you lie
And you miss
And you wonder, and why
Are all dreams
Out of reach, oh so high

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