Hey There

How are ya? Say, how do you like my new 19″ LCD monitor? Pretty big, huh? I got it for my birthday. Yes, that was 4 days ago, but I just got it tonight, OK? No, it’s not an early Thanksgiving present. Who ever heard of Thanksgiving presents? You’re just making this stuff up to distract me, aren’t you? You don’t want me to notice how excited you are over my new monitor. Careful! Don’t drool on it! There now, that’s better.

I finally hooked up my new USB extension cable, too. Yeah, now I don’t have that lack of slack from my printer to the USB hub. I can actually pull my CPU out and access the back side. Sweet, huh?

So, I’m pretty technologically impressive, aren’t I? I’m at the top and I ain’t sharing!

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2 Responses to Hey There

  1. Eric says:

    19″ huh? Now I need a new monitor… MIRANDA! I need to beat Roger. I want 2x 19″ monitors! 🙂

  2. Roger says:

    Got an extra few hundred bucks?

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