Let’s Talk About Those Leaves

One of the things I like least about being a homeowner is taking care of the leaves in the fall. Everyone ooohs and aaahs about how beautiful the fall foliage is, but for me it is just a way of life, something I’ve grown up with. My opinion, though is that the beauty of the fall foliage is not worth the hassle of cleaning up these dead, fallen leaves.

Sick of racking, and my bagger-mower being broken, I decided to try to mulch the leaves this year. I’m not sure I’m impressed with the results. That’s sad considering I was just outside for over two hours.

I’m skeptical about the leaves that the mower didn’t chop up. I just went over my entire lawn twice and there are still areas where grass doesn’t break through the mixture of chopped and whole leaves. I fear grass won’t grow there in the spring.

For now I’m just going to kick back and see how things look next year before deciding what to do next fall.

(Does this post sound like it was written by someone still quite fatigued?)

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