Sunday Nap

Why must you do this to me, Sunday nap? Why must we continue this love-hate relationship?

Oh, how I love you! To snuggle into your warm embrace between church services is like a little slice of heaven.

Oh, how I hate the way you keep me up late Sunday night into Monday morning! Because of you, I can’t sleep at night! You have such an effect on me that my normal circadien rhythms are knocked completely out of whack. I lie awake these nights thinking maybe…maybe next week I can escape your cruel seduction. Maybe next Sunday night I’ll be able to fall asleep at a decent hour and not spend the following Monday in an overtired fog. Maybe then I won’t cuddle up to everyone who passes me by, saying “are you my pillow? C’mere pillow! Need sleepy!”

Oh, Sunday nap, if only I could quit you.

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