Christmastime, Past and Present

This website is helpful for at least one thing. Last night I decided to look and see what was going on in my life last year at this time. Last year, the 16th was on a Friday. I had two Christmas parties to go to, but had just had my wisdom teeth out that Monday. To follow up, one year later, my second party was canceled because of a snow/ice storm. We still went shopping in Freeport (~2hrs away) the next day, though.

Does peanut butter have an expiration date? Oh, look. There we go. May 18, 2008. Man, I’ve already had this PB for months! Who keeps PB around for years?

In other news, I’m quite disappointed in my rather lackadaisical toast this morning.

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2 Responses to Christmastime, Past and Present

  1. Scoob says:

    Peanut butter lasts for years so we can stock pile for the atomic holocaust, or a peanut blight!

    Maybe your toast wouldn’t be so lackadaisical if you used some of that everlasting peanut butter on it, done with a monkey flourish.

  2. Roger says:

    The toast has received a just reward. First I disolved it in acid, then I sucked up all it’s needed nutrients. The rest I flushed down the toilet.

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