Ugh. Moving During The Holidays

In case you hadn’t noticed, the site has been down for a couple of weeks as I moved from Eric‘s server to Geof‘s server. Plus, I waited a little too long to get my payment out for services, but that’s about par for my course. Apparently there are some neat new control panel things, and I’m sure Geof has upgraded me to the newest WordPress. Right now I need some time to get back into the groove, though. You’d think with all this time off I’d have a ton of stuff to write about, but I don’t. I haven’t been saving anything up or composing on Word to post in the future. I guess I’ve been a blogging slacker. Hopefully I’ll be back in the groove soon (even though Christmas is coming right up), and I’ll have something remotely interesting to keep up with.

For now, re-read your favorite category while I think about re-posting all the images that have gone missing.


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