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Dieters Beware!

You know what I really like? Popcorn! No, not your wimpy 99% fat free or your light butter. Give me the good stuff! I want butter lovers! I want theatre/movie style butter! I want it loaded! I want to stick … Continue reading

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I certainly didn’t get much painted on my miniature last night. I only painted the robe and the shield of this cleric. The color is midnight blue. Also, the pictures I’m trying to take of it and my progress aren’t … Continue reading

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New Hobby?

Supposedly tonight I’ll start painting pewter miniatures again. I’ll be able to tell you for sure tomorrow.

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White Rose

Poem #16: White Rose White petals of your rose, Innocent and pure, Mirror silent thoughts of you Secrets cannot endure. Innocence, for hopes and dreams Purity and truth. Feelings a shy heart can hold Impossibly aloof. How can a single … Continue reading

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Breaking Christmas News

The Christmas tree is officially down. I repeat. The tree is down. The rest of the winter decorations, however, remain. 😀

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Insomnia Came ’round Again

I’ve had quite a bit of trouble sleeping in the past weeks-months. For the last two nights, though, I’ve pretty much just crashed as soon as I got home. No, I haven’t slept for multiple days in a row like … Continue reading

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To the Reader Recounting the Blog’s Inconstancy

Woe-full Reader! cease to play the fool And what thou seest dead as dead regard! Whilòme the sheeniest suns for thee did shine When oft-a-tripping whither led the blog By us beloved, as shall none be loved. There all so … Continue reading

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Does This Capture Your Interest?

“I’m back from the Pass. Do you still have a message you’d like me to deliver?” Llewelyn eyed the regal elf as she walked into the sitting room. The female elf, Alyssa, turned from her reverie out the sitting room … Continue reading

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