White Rose

Poem #16:

White Rose

White petals of your rose,
Innocent and pure,
Mirror silent thoughts of you
Secrets cannot endure.

Innocence, for hopes and dreams
Purity and truth.
Feelings a shy heart can hold
Impossibly aloof.

How can a single flower bear
Such complicated airs?
Gratitude to be expressed
By he who never dares.

A single symbol to relay
Thanks for precious time.
A wistful message wrought within
Appreciative rhyme.

I find it quite confusing that different colored roses are supposed to mean different things when giving them as a gift. If people know what the colors mean, doesn’t that take all the fun guesswork out of it? I like innocence, though it is exceedingly scarce these days. I also like the double-meaning trapped within the word. If someone claims you sent them white roses, so you must be attracted to their innocence, you can just plead innocence in the entire affair.

I’m not sure I shared that thought in a easy to understand way. Such is my life.

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2 Responses to White Rose

  1. Barb says:

    I respect your ideas, but my husband sends me white roses when he is on deployment because it stems back to the way these roses are grown, without pesticides completly natural. They then represent a love that transcends death and eternity;a love beyond all space and time. With this simple gift he assures me of his devotion and undying fidelity to our marriage vows. It comes from the stry of Venus and as she stepped foot on the land from the sea, she brought with her the purest of loves. It is said that whereever the waves of her arrival crashed, white roses grew for eternity marking the enterance of humanity’s greatest gift.

  2. Roger says:

    Ooo, I like your story better. Thank you for sharing.

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