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One day left

Only one day of work. I had a doozy yesterday, grueling Excel work until 3 and then covering for someone else 3:30 – 7:30. But I made it. They can’t take away the fact that I just have to slide … Continue reading

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Two days of work before my five days off. I’m pretty sure I can handle two days, though I’ve been given a lot of busy work to do. Little things like updating job descriptions and correcting erroneous insurance registrations. No … Continue reading

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It’s Been a While

But I have a sinus infection again. I’ve pretty much done nothing but sleep in my spare time all week. I have no desire to do anything buy lay in bed. There’s something unpleasant in my lungs, too. I have … Continue reading

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Spendthrift January

In January, we spent (paid out) more than we earned (broght in) to the tune of around $200. I guess that’s not too bad considering that a lot we paid out in January was for the presents we charged in … Continue reading

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February, You’ve Returned!

February, you who speak of love! You who speak of vacation! You who speak of sub-zero weather and cars that won’t start! You who speak of dangerously frosted ski slopes! You who speak of…dead…presidents. I gotta tell you, Feb, you’re … Continue reading

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