Character Profile: Harlgrim Strongaxe

Harlgrim Strongaxe had the potential to be the clan’s next great engineer. As soon as his talent was realized, he was taken into the guild and apprenticed. Unfortunately, this was only months before the Ripclaw invasion.

For the next two years, Harlgrim was assigned to a tunnel fighter guerrilla warfare team. Fighting came naturally to young Harlgrim, just as naturally as engineering. He stood his ground beside the veterans, attacking the treacherous Ripclaws and melting back into the tunnels to come at them again from another angle. Until one day, when the Ripclaws dropped a tunnel onto the steely fighters.

Harlgrim was the only survivor of the tunnel collapse that day. He had happened to be on rear-guard duty. Nevertheless, the falling stone left Harlgrim battered and injured. He was unconscious for two days, alone in the tunnel.

Harlgrim circled about through other interconnecting underground passages until he came back upon his stronghold’s main chambers. It was at that time he found out that the tunnel collapse had been part of the Ripclaw’s main thrust in the war. All of Harlgrim’s people were dead.

If there had been anyone, a single survivor he could have seen, Harlgrim would have charged into the cavern, axes swinging. All he saw, however, was complete devastation of all the friends, family, and life he had ever known. He felt his entire livelihood slip from him that day. He was clanless and honorless. Worst of all, though, was that there was nothing he could do to avenge his people. A senseless death never helped anyone.

Harlgrim left the mountains that day. He took off for the nearest city, Seablue. Luckily for them, no one challenged the lone figure as he walked, defeated and fuming, the many miles to Seablue.

When he entered the city, Harlgrim promptly found the first tavern he could and spent all the money he had on him, not much considering coin wasn’t needed when attacking the enemy through passageways. At the end of the night, he was deposited unconscious into the side alley.

The next morning Harlgrim awoke and figured he had better get a job to support himself and his slow climb toward vengeance. Having no honor or pride left, he searched for employment that would suit his current position. He ended up at the docks where none of his race had any place being. Figuring it would serve himself about right, he found employment as a wharf rat catcher. His employer set him up in a filthy bunkhouse used for the poorest and most pathetic of his workers. Harlgrim felt right at home.

This is where we currently find our intrepid character, ready and waiting to embrace the rest of his story.

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3 Responses to Character Profile: Harlgrim Strongaxe

  1. Scoob says:

    That is a wicked sweet background, Slayer anyone?

  2. Roger says:

    All things in time.

    Sadly enough, this still hasn’t gotten my creative juices flowing to post more.

  3. Scoob says:

    March 3rd? What the heck a month gone by and not even a little post? Lame, brother, lame.

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