Looking Forward

Yes, I’ve had approximately two posts in two months. Yes, that’s a little sad. No, I don’t know if I’ll be doing any more, but at the urging of Brother Scoob (now you can consider yourself a friar…or something) here’s one, at least, for April.

I like to live in the now. Now is here and I can make it fun. Sometimes I look back into the past for nostalgia’s sake or to remember the many lesson I’ve slugged through. Often, though, if I’m going to be anywhere besides now, it is in the future. Here are some things I’m looking forward to in the future, in relatively chronological order:

Easter (Resurrection Day),
Hooking up with the Doughtys to exchange stories, books, and fun times,
May vacation in Massachusettes for my wife’s birthday (thanks for the timeshare week, Mom!),
June vacation hanging about the house and Getting Things Done (C),
August vacation and maybe a theme park or two, or maybe just relaxingly wrapping up summer,
Krissy graduating with a Nursing degree,
Eternity in heaven with Jesus.

Later (as in, in the future)!

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2 Responses to Looking Forward

  1. Scoob says:

    I am glad to have my family make such a distinguished list. Friars are cool, I think robes will be in style again, very easy to put on and airy too, not as stuffy as pants. Kind of like a full body kilt, to put in man terms, right. . . anyone else with me?

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