Baby Fauxhawks

When did fauxhawks on babies become the prevalent style? I’ve seen them in the last two church services.

Baby Fauxhawk

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5 Responses to Baby Fauxhawks

  1. *daniel says:

    I guess I blazed a path of awesome that even babies adhere to?

    (I have a fauxhawk right now…)


  2. Roger says:

    I wondered if you were involved in this somehow.

  3. scoob says:

    And so begins the downfall of civilization, starting with the young. 🙁

  4. Cousin Dave says:

    The real downfall began with Atari! So, we are at fault. We are the last generation of kids to play outside for fun not as a punishment. Atari for us was for rainy days not everyday….

  5. scoob says:

    I think we can all agree to lay the fault at assorted ethnic groups that have flooded our country, it worked for Hitler. . . errr anyone else with me?

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