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Of all the campsites…you had to show up in mine.

Thursday, June 14 I received an offer to use someone’s campsite at a state park. Early Friday morning, the transfer was confirmed. Krissy spend most of that Friday buying camping supplies and packing our gear for a two night stay. … Continue reading

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Valnir’s Travelogue

Valnir was pleased to leave the crazy village. Tension almost palpably drained from his squat figure. Resuming their quest to deliver the wagon was the best relief possible at the moment. Though the behavior of the strange village was now … Continue reading

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More Bathroom Talk

How hard would it really be to have automatic-lift/lower toilet seats in the men’s room. You know places like local grocery chains or gas stations aren’t going to be the first ones to run a trial on this, but what … Continue reading

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