More Bathroom Talk

How hard would it really be to have automatic-lift/lower toilet seats in the men’s room. You know places like local grocery chains or gas stations aren’t going to be the first ones to run a trial on this, but what about semi-private businesses? I’m thinking the Healthcare Mall that I work at as one example. There are bathrooms that the public can’t access, but have multiple stalls. This would be a great place to trial my idea. There should be enough of these semi-private bathrooms in the US so that an Automated Lids, Inc. company could start up and get a foot in the manufacturing world door. Then, once the sales start coming in from the semi-private sector, the business would hone their processes, they’d get better at what they do, prices would fall like year-old electronics and the more public businesses could afford the useful invention. More sales bring in better profit and the new AL, Inc. finds itself a full-time reputable business. They can even go public with their stock, or anything else that companies like to do. It would be great, don’t you think.

And, bottom line, we’d never have to lay hands on another toilet seat.

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2 Responses to More Bathroom Talk

  1. Scoob says:

    I think you maybe on to something there, now you just have to work out the mechanics. Also what happens when you have to sit? or what about just using the urinals?

  2. Roger says:

    Urinals are already hands-off enough. For the sitting toilets, the mechanisms merely need to respond to “up” and “down”.

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