Valnir’s Travelogue

Valnir was pleased to leave the crazy village. Tension almost palpably drained from his squat figure. Resuming their quest to deliver the wagon was the best relief possible at the moment.

Though the behavior of the strange village was now behind him, he couldn’t help wondering if such a thing could happen to his people. He had heard of the deplorable acts of dark cousins who were capable of any kind of evil, so he was not thinking specifically of them. His relatives under the mountains were too honorable to behave in the way of the villagers, so he worried not for them. What about his kinsman that lived out and about in the world, however? Could they begin to think like these villagers and get caught up in the same twisted fervors? It was a frightful prospect.

His kind thought themselves to be such a strong, wise people, a people that could withstand any mental contest or attack against their morals. One thing about this assumption concerned Valnir. As the more intelligent and compassionate member of his own traveling party, he had figured he had done all he could for the accused girl in the village and had left her to the mercy of the villagers. In all honesty, as an outside, he tried to rationalize it away as none of his business. However, his simpler kinsman saw through to the heart of the matter and made bold, unwavering actions in defense of innocence. He persevered when Valnir failed.

Valnir’s churlishness and aloofness from the dealing of peoples other than his own made him ready to forsake an innocent child. Though the foolishness of outsiders should be left for them to deal with on their own, Valnir must not use that as an excuse to overlook threads of evil which curl among mankind’s heart and causes them to do wicked deeds. It is with this lesson that he trudged away from the village and prepared his heart to embrace its future.

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