Is It Really Just Me?

The other day, Monday I believe, I was driving down the road wondering what, exactly, was the functional difference between “ubiquitous” and “pervasive.”

Does anything like this ever happen to you?

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5 Responses to Is It Really Just Me?

  1. *danie says:

    I believe the difference is in what the words convey, not so much their direct meaning. Their different aspects, if you will.

    Ubiquitous hints at commonness. At something being extremely non-unique.

    Pervasiveness hints at something that spreads. It has a tinge of malevolence. Also, when something is pervasive, it hasn’t necessarily *already* spread to all parts; it has the capability and tendency to do so.

  2. Roger says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty much what the dictionary said. You’re right, too, in that I, at least, think of ubiquity as being relatively innocuous. I hadn’t thought of pervasiveness as being malevolent, but the dictionary agreed with you there, too.

  3. Cousin dave says:

    I really really like Tacos!

  4. *daniel says:

    Is there really a person in the world who doesn’t like tacos?

    *Dan is rooting for that person being a Mexican*

  5. A Mexican who doesn’t like tacos is like a Canadian who doesn’t like hockey.

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