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Poem #17 O.K. Oh, K. shall I speak to you Adulations solely dear Whisper I such sweet sought sounds As I hold you safely near List you how your sight enthralls Whilst you’re held within my arms Hair, scent of … Continue reading

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Finding Help in a Helpless World

How does the “Help” Center* get so helpful? I called because my keyboard stopped working in Epoch* (for the second time this week) and I’d like to see the problem resolved instead of it just randomly occurring for the rest … Continue reading

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About Last Night

For my cousin’s bachelor party dinner, I got to go to Texas Roadhouse, sit at the bar (:sarcastic whoopee:), and watch a married man try to pick up an (I’m almost positive) attached woman. It rather embarrassed me, for my … Continue reading

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Love is a Verb

But how do you actively portray that you are, at the moment, loving? Here’s my crisis: When I’m at church and the speaker says “let’s just take a moment and love the Lord,” I freeze. I don’t know what to … Continue reading

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Too Rigid or Not Too Rigid?

On Monday many of my plans went awry. I can be a spur of the moment person. I can be a spontaneous person. I can roll with the flow. I really can, but…maybe I can only do it when I … Continue reading

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Picking up the place

I’ve decided that you don’t really care what I’ve been reading recently or purchasing for CDs recently. I can tell because I haven’t updated that section in a very long time and no one’s asked. It’s out. Apparently my link … Continue reading

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