About Last Night

For my cousin’s bachelor party dinner, I got to go to Texas Roadhouse, sit at the bar (:sarcastic whoopee:), and watch a married man try to pick up an (I’m almost positive) attached woman. It rather embarrassed me, for my sake and for theirs, and was definitely awkward; in other words it was rather amusing, though I do not condone the behavior at all and tried to subtly talk the guy out of it. (I think “you’re going to get shot down” were my exact words.)

Dave, I just want to make one distinction. When I left you all for your evening carousing, you said “I understand why you can’t come.” I appreciate that, but I hope you understand not why I couldn’t go but why I didn’t want to go. I think that’s important.

Also, thank you for being so generous when I took a couple joking barbs at you. It was your bachelor party (part 1), after all! (For the record, I think “identical cousins” was a stroke of genius. I think Scott might have believed me. In the future I’ll refrain from the jibe that I followed with.)

To my favorite cousin, probably my favorite relative (I haven’t really made a list, but it’s probably a pretty safe bet), congratulations on the upcoming nuptials. I’ll be there for you.

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3 Responses to About Last Night

  1. Cousin Dave says:

    I can assure the said individual knew he would be shot down like he did. Thats his humor better or worse. For the record i whole heartedly understand why you didn’t want to go not that you couldn’t. I 100% respect your beliefs and your morals and make it a point to protect said topics by areting conversations away from that type of direction. i knew without a doubt that you would not go but as a gesture in humor is suggested that you did. Identical cousins is a great stroke of genius. Sorry for the late reply as i have been extremely busy with life in general. Love you man!!!

    PS. for the record i did nothing that night after that would ashame or otherwise destroy your/our good family name. If we still have on that is.

  2. Scoob says:

    Bachelor parties still exist?

  3. Roger says:

    Indeed. Barbaric, isn’t it?

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