Poem #17

Oh, K. shall I speak to you
Adulations solely dear
Whisper I such sweet sought sounds
As I hold you safely near

List you how your sight enthralls
Whilst you’re held within my arms
Hair, scent of eternal bliss
Your eyes are topaz charms

Skin so smooth, a touch as soft,
A smile outshines the sun
Your presence a gift of no small worth
Ably surpassed by none

How can it fare such heavenly things
On earth we chance to find
By whose delight came I to you
The epitome of divine

-“K” is someone’s first initial…
-How do you like “topaz?” Pretty narrow range of colors, huh?
-The earliest date I have on this one under a File/Properties/Modified date of November 26, 2003. It was, in fact, written years before then.
-I just had someone I wanted to write a poem about, and I ran with it.

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  1. Krissy says:

    I like it. 🙂

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