Grumpy Old Man Setting A Foundation

The kids, the young adults, these days make me feel old:

I don’t text message and I don’t approve of the lack of proper grammar used whilst text messaging.

I still haven’t really set up my cell phone that I’ve had since May. I haven’t recorded a greeting. I haven’t taken a single picture. I haven’t loaded or listened to a single MP3, though I specifically bought the Razr v3t because it could play MP3s when the previous model couldn’t.

I don’t have an iPod, or any MP3 player (other than my cell phone). I don’t walk around everywhere with earbuds or little white wires running from my ears to my belt.

I don’t belong to MySpace or any of it’s derivatives.

I don’t drive while talking on the phone, listening to my iPod, talking to the passenger, and eating a pizza because I don’t want to get in an accident. When my insurance rates go up, my mommy’s not the one paying for it!

I don’t start my cell phone message “Hey, guys…,” and I don’t reply to comments with which I agree by saying “Yeah, right?”

I do have a problem with exposing off my butt, my belly, or my chest. I do not want people to see my underclothing through my outerclothing. I do believe in modesty.

I do have a problem with sleeping around, and I do take God seriously.

But, hey, we can still get along…to a point.

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  1. Scoob says:

    I ought to smack you with my cane boy!!!

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