Flu Shot Response

I was writing this up as a reply to the comment on my last post, but it got a little long and I thought I should share it on the main page instead of hidden in a comment section.

Firstly, here’s the comment from my best friend, whom I deeply respect:

Don’t forget the Thermosol, the additive in immunizations that helps them “keep” on a shelf. Did I add that Thermosol has mercury in it? As in the mercury “they” tell is us is bad to eat in certain kinds of fish but it is OK to inject in our veins?

Here’s my biased response:

Alright…let’s talk here. I know you’ve been led into the world of “immunizations are bad,” but do you really think you’re listening to all the facts? Let me only reply to your comments about the flu shot:

1) No one tells you not to eat fish. People are told not to overeat on certain fish that contain high levels of mercury. No doctor would have a problem with you sitting down and eating a known mercury-containing fish. They would tell you not to eat one every day for a week or two. Compare that to my flu shot. The flu shot did not contain enough mercury (and I’m taking your word for it that it contains mercury at all) for me to get sick. End of that point.

2) The flu shot does not get injected into your veins. It gets injected into your muscles. End of the point of mercury getting injected into your veins.

Let me continue, letting you connect these next few points yourself:

3) I have asthma.

4) The flu is not, as some people believe, as stomach virus, making people feel nauseous or giving them diarrhea. The flu is a respiratory disease. It attacks your lungs, your sinuses, your throat and the like…mostly your lungs, though.

5) I come into contact with sick people, some of which are sick from the flu and some of which are merely carrying the flu virus, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (if I don’t work overtime).

6) Even forgetting the point of me catching the flu, revisit point 5. It is my responsibility as a healthcare employee not to pick up a flu virus from one patient and then pass it on to the next patient I touch/breathe on/whatever, who is already sick and therefore immunocompromised.

7) Even a little more personal: The last time I had the flu, or a flu like virus (I didn’t get actual flu testing, so I can’t be 100% sure), I feel I almost died. It was about 7.5 years or so ago now and I laid in bed for one week. When I was awake, I felt that I was only continuing to breathe by an effort of sheer will. My body did not feel, to me, like it was breathing on it’s own, and I felt that if I didn’t physically force myself to breathe, then I wouldn’t. Is that something you’d wish on me a second time, if I possibly had the tools to avoid it?

Look at the points. Weigh them out objectively. Is it or is it not my responsibility to obtain a flu shot every year, for myself foremost but also for others, regardless some non-threatening amounts of mercury?

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4 Responses to Flu Shot Response

  1. cousin dave says:

    Mercury is in our fillings our lights most alloy metals. would I drink it no. Is it as safe as most other not vitamin chemicals …. Just about… Your car contains many more toxic chemicals than mercury alone. I have never had a flu shot but I would if i worked in a Hospital setting. My wife of course gets her flu shot.. Good luck cuz and no worries.. Plastic is much more toxic anyhow..

  2. Scoob says:

    I do concede to Roger’s points that the flu shot is of more advantage to him than the effects of mercury. The flu shot (so says my family doctor) is one of the few shots not available without the preservative containing mercury, hence my children will not receive the flu shot. I do not know the actual levels of mercury contained in the various shots that children receive but I won’t let them get any immunizations unless it is without mercury laden preservative. Mercury is much more harmful to children and developing fetuses. Expecting Mothers are always encouraged to eat a healthy diet and fish contain many essential vitamins and fatty acids but the unfortunate reality is that mothers have to watch what kind of fish they eat. In example my wife loves swordfish but unfortunately for her swordfish has one of the highest levels of mercury for fish hench she couldn’t eat it when pregnant or nursing.
    To carry on on the note of plastic being more toxic, that is true. Some car seats have been recalled due to their plastics having too high a level of lead that leaches into the children that use them, kind of like eating all those sweet, sweet paint chips that we had a a child but without all the great taste. Also some vinyl in lunch boxes have dangerous levels of lead (namely cheaper made lunch boxes) that leach into children’s foods if they aren’t covered. Lead is used in cheap vinyl as a stabilizing agent since it is cheaper than the alternatives that aren’t as toxic.
    I am not advocating the life in a bubble but people aren’t aware of what is in the things they consume as public. The argument that “Well we didn’t worry about that when we was kids and we are all fine!” is horse$&*#. Any true parent should pay attention to what is going on in the world and in the general manufacturing of the things that their children play with, eat, and wear.
    Those old paint chips did taste good though didn’t they?

  3. Roger says:

    But did someone who knows, not thinks or assumes, but knows, for sure tell you that the flu shot contains harmful amounts of mercury, or do you just hear the term “mercury” and shut yourself off without researching it? Physicians are paid and trusted to lead you in the direction that is least likely to have a harmful outcome. If they approve that an immunization is less of a risk than going unimmunized, then it may pay to listen.

    I have a lot of assumptions at work here. I might have to do some actual research, though I loathe research. 🙂

    Oh, and I can’t give you first hand experience about the paint chips…but if you had some, that might explain a few things. 😉

  4. Scoob says:

    Off subject here but one of the main reasons children ate/eat paint chips is (not just because they are there) that the lead in the paint makes them taste sweet.

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