Accidental Day Off

I’ve never really been involved in a car accident until today. I must say that I found it quite anticlimactic. It’s snowing. I was driving along my merry way, taking an alternate route to work since someone was blocking traffic along the regular route, when a big Jeep coming down a hill couldn’t stop at the bottom and stopped, instead, by hitting me. Two cars colliding at 25 MPH or less is really nothing exciting. I’ve been on more violent roller coasters.

Both of us were fine, chatting a little while the police came and then again when we were both towed to the same place. My car’s out of commission for a while, but, to me, it’s no big whoop since I won’t be paying for anything. If you’re going to be in an accident, it’s best to be the hittee.

My car might be smashed up, but I took out her front tire. I’m kind of proud of my Kia for sticking up for itself. Reminds me of football: smash me up if you want, but I’m going to hit you low and stop you in your tracks. And that’s what I did. Very unintentionally.


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5 Responses to Accidental Day Off

  1. Chris Hubbs says:

    If you’re going to be in an accident, it’s best to be the hittee.

    You got that right.

  2. *daniel says:

    Ow, that sucks… but at least you’re okay, eh?

  3. Roger says:

    I’m fine. No injuries whatsoever, me or her. It’s rougher riding bumper cars.

  4. Angi says:

    Hey Roger, Glad you are ok! Are we going to see pictures of the Kia??

  5. Roger says:

    Probably not. Unless the don’t have it fixed before I stop to grab my garage door opener.

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