Jeremy Camp – Beyond Measure Review

I guess I’m not so much going to review this CD as I am going to make a comparison…a good comparison, in my mind.

Jeremy Camp’s CD, Beyond Measure, reminds me a lot of Dishwalla, circa Pet Your Friends or maybe And You Think You Know What Life’s About though I don’t remember that CD very well.

For me, the similarity starts around track 3 and is validated on tracks 5 and 6. The intro music is what got my mind thinking Dishwalla. After my brain made the connection, I began to hear Dishwalla in most of the CD. Jeremy’s voice even reminded me of their singer after a bit.

One thing I’ll point out, so that you know if you should care about my opinion or not, is that I like band music. The one guy sitting down with just his guitar for a whole CD…that doesn’t interest me unless I’m looking for a cure for my insomnia. Jeremy Camp, though one guy who plays a guitar, has great backup with other band instruments such as the bass and drums, plus he has an orchestra on occasion. That’s what I’m looking for in music.

This CD has been in my car player for a month now and I’m not sure I’m taking it out anytime soon. I think the CD does very well on its own, but if you are or were ever a fan of Dishwalla, then I think the CD is worth you checking out.

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