Setting Up the Computer

Here’s a no-brainer post, and a good way to get back into the Project of the Week.

This week’s goal is to set up the new computer. That means add the software I want it to have and delete the software I don’t. It’s already up and running and has Firefox installed (I’m posting from it).

So far on my list of deletes:
McAffee (Done 12/27)
AOL (Done 12/27)
Wild Tangent (Done 12/27)

My list of additions:
Verizon Internet Security Suite (Tried 12/27…not working so well yet, dl’d AVG Free for now)
iTunes (Done 12/30)
Zip Drive (just let me have it without complaining, OK?) (Parallel zip drive not supported with Vista. I’ll replace with flash drive. 010108)
Firefox extensions (All I really wanted was Sage, but I went with GoogleReader instead. Done 12/30)
Kodak digital camera software (Done 010108)
Microsoft Money (Ordered this disc today since I didn’t have a copy of it. 12/30)

I’m open to other suggestions of what to delete or add.

Due Date: New Year’s Day

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  1. Scoob says:

    I love McAffee, but each to his own.

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