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It Begins Subtly

On the way to work yesterday morning there was a presidential campaign sign on the side of the interstate. Just one. On the side of the interstate. In January. My first thought was to be mad. Can they do that? … Continue reading

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Right of Way

When you have the right of way, use it. It’s very nice of you to stop and let someone else go first. It’s very gentlemanly and all that. However, there is a reason right-of-way rules are in place. This is … Continue reading

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Beefing Up Site Security

Tired of spam, comment spam, and trackback spam? Me, too. Tired of constant attempts to hack your site and fighting ghost posts of ferret propaganda? Me, too. Looking for someone who is up to the task of protecting your digital … Continue reading

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Geekin’ Out

Last night I was at the inaugural meeting of the Bangor Area .NET Developers (BAND). Thank you Eric. You’re saying, “Roger, you don’t even play an instrument.” You are correct. Neither do I play an literal musical instrument, to fit … Continue reading

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Here are two terms that speakers should refrain from using: Obviously You know I mean Uh Um Feel free to add some more.

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PSA: Black Ice

There’s a reason it’s called black ice. Regular ice is a rather cloudy color, just sitting (lying?) on the road waiting to cause trouble. The cloudiness comes from air bubbles trapped in the frozen ice, like miniature cave men. If … Continue reading

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Unexpected Twist at the Doctor’s Office

Today I gave a Walk-In Care nurse practitioner a pop quiz regarding why my jaw would hurt right around my lymph node. After the quiz, he suggested that I could have the symptoms of mumps. This led me to make … Continue reading

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Wasting Time (and 5 year olds)

The link for you to try to see how many 5 year olds you could take in a fight does not work as I expected. (I could take 18.) Here’s what I think happened: . . . . . . … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Ted

I don’t usually cop-out on posts by merely linking someone else’s (I usually cop-out by just not posting), but here’s a wise little post as Ted reflects on his 26th birthday. I think you’ll find the wisdom in his post … Continue reading

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Handwash the Dishes

This week I want to clean the dishes that need to be hand washed on a nightly basis…after supper (addended to meet the spirit of the project). I’ve wanted to try this for a while now, but something always distracts … Continue reading

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Can We Grow Up?

Can we stop pretending there are no rules? Can we stop mistaking freedom for anarchy and everyone doing whatever is right in their own eyes? Thank you.

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Do You Think This Saying Might Catch On?

As fast as warm molasses passing through the bowels of a gluten-intolerant body.

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Hopping on the Bandwagon

Because I care…about the band Caedmon’s Call. They are truly great, and one of their songs will play for the last five minutes of Grey’s Anatomy tonight. Even if you don’t like Christian music, it is well worth your money … Continue reading

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Four Words Beget A New World

Let’s take this game that Chris invited me to over a year ago, and Chris’ interest in Sci-Fi (since he’s the one who invited me to the game) and see what I can come up with. I’m not sure how … Continue reading

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Learning Curve

Why do mature adults, who have lived in a location for longer than a week, put their trash bags outside on the night before trash pickup? Invariably there is trash strewn about their property the next morning from some birds … Continue reading

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Dishwalla – Give

Since I’ve written the Jeremy Camp review comparing his latest CD to my memories of Dishwalla, I’ve gotten a Dishwalla song stuck in my head. I like the soothing melody of this song, and apparently so do many of their … Continue reading

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Nerd Clock

This is a contender for my next wall clock: CNET News article can be found here.

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Hey, Remember My Car?

The one that someone crashed into on December 3rd during the snowstorm? I just got it back from the auto body shop today. This always happens when I tell people I’m not in a hurry. I didn’t take me long … Continue reading

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Night Masks Review

Night Masks Review Yes, R.A. Salvatore has written more than just the Drizzt books, and yes, his other books are quite exciting as well. Night Masks has always impressed me because of the spiritual journey that Cadderly makes. The story … Continue reading

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Unpublished Project: Clean the Office

Monday’s 12″+ of snow took some time away from the unpublished project I had planned for my New Year’s Day off. As you can see, it was quite an aggressive outline, considering I had the whole day off at home … Continue reading

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