Hey, Remember My Car?

The one that someone crashed into on December 3rd during the snowstorm?

I just got it back from the auto body shop today. This always happens when I tell people I’m not in a hurry. I didn’t take me long to get attached to the rental car, though. After all, it was the same make/model, just two years newer.

Optima Prime rides again! For some reason I’ve been considering an Autobot sticker for the trunk facing the back and a Hotwheels sticker for the bumper. Probably won’t happen, but we’ll see.

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2 Responses to Hey, Remember My Car?

  1. Scoob says:

    I would if I where you. . . the minivan isn’t as intimidating as Optima Prime.

  2. Roger says:

    Optima Prime – Laredo Slayer!

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