It Begins Subtly

On the way to work yesterday morning there was a presidential campaign sign on the side of the interstate. Just one. On the side of the interstate. In January.

My first thought was to be mad. Can they do that? Can people start stabbing presidential signs into the ground already? It’s January; why isn’t the ground in Maine frozen? (I will get on the case of both Jack Frost and Old Man Winter.) Last election I didn’t see signs until September. This is ridiculous.

Then I realized the sign is probably just hitching a ride. He fell off the bandwagon, woke up in a ditch, and walked up to the road to thumb it. I’m sure when I go back through he’ll be gone, picked up by some old VW van on the way to warmer climes.

Back to this pervasive problem, though. If political supporters can use public property to spread their presidential agenda, then can’t I do it, too? I can understand if I was to go out and take down the signs for the candidates I don’t like; that would be wrong. However, my political agenda is to not have to look at any signs along public thoroughfares. Ever. In that regard, I would prefer to head out and remove all political signs from the side of the road. I’m not biased; they all need to go. They are an eyesore. They are litter. They are packed so closely together that you can’t distinguish one from another anyway. They need to go, and I’m willing to make a political statement.

Monkeys, roll out!

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4 Responses to It Begins Subtly

  1. Scoob says:

    There are regulations on time frames for political signs to start being placed and a deadline for people to have them removed. Fines can be applied to actual candidate for signs that remain on public property beyond the deadline.
    They are a nuisance though.

  2. Roger says:

    I think a fine should be placed for the one that was still on the side of the interstate this morning. 24 hours is more than enough time for it to be removed.

  3. cousin dave says:

    Go McHuckomney!

  4. Roger says:

    Of course, I’m going to have to start using that now.

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