Night Masks Review

Night Masks Review
Yes, R.A. Salvatore has written more than just the Drizzt books, and yes, his other books are quite exciting as well. Night Masks has always impressed me because of the spiritual journey that Cadderly makes. The story contains your expected Salvatore action sequences, amusing, though insanely tough, dwarves, and the extra-inquisitive scholar the reader has gotten to know in the previous Cleric Quintet books. Here, though, Cadderly’s spiritual journey seems to reach its peak. This is an event than many of us who profess to have faith can relate to.

Granted the book is about a fictional character coming to terms with a fictional deity. Fiction is, however, the ultimate medium for allegory. A truth about people’s nature is true in fiction or non-fiction. Take a young man’s soul-searching, set it in an action-packed fantasy realm, surround him with lovable characters, pit him against a cunningly created foe, end with him embracing the supernatural that has been guiding his steps, and you have a tale that can be appreciated around the world

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