PoW due 01/01/08: Finished

I started a Project of the Week on 12/27/07. Today I mark it complete.

Deleted McAffee 12/27/07
Deleted AOL 12/27
Deleted Wild Tangent 12/27
Deleted NetZero 12/28/07

Added AVG Free 12/27
Added iTunes 12/30
Added RSS feeds, via Google Reader 12/30/07 (A thank you to Dan.)
Added Kodak digital camera software 010108

Ordered Microsoft Money disc 12/30/07
Couldn’t add zip drive 010108 – parallel zip drive not supported with Vista. I’ll replace with flash drive.

I plan on looking for a new flash drive next time I’m out and about, possibly as early as tomorrow. Also, as soon as I get my Money CD in the mail, I’ll install that bad boy. I’m tip-toeing around my finances as much as possible without it.

I’m still open to other helpful programs people think I should start using with my new computer. Leave a comment.

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