Unpublished Project: Clean the Office

Monday’s 12″+ of snow took some time away from the unpublished project I had planned for my New Year’s Day off. As you can see, it was quite an aggressive outline, considering I had the whole day off at home with my wife. I only got as far as the bolded work.

Clean corner (can’t explain; you’d have to see it)
Hang doll net over same corner (I need to upgrade to the bigger net.)
Clean bookshelf and comic area
· Remove stuffed animals
· Clean shelf without books on it
· Shelve all books
· Add Transformers to shelf

Clean filing cabinet
· Remove all paid bills (not including credit cards), keep recent copy(ies)
Clean desktop
Finish computer installs, imports, etc
* Copy pictures from backup to C:
* Copy personal files from backup to C:
* Copy lots of things from backup to C:
* Start Microsoft Windows 90 day trial
* Order Office ’07 Ultimate for $60 from Krissy’s student email
* Convert Arkose files, when necessary to Word files.
* Delete Arkose Works
* Delete Microsoft Works (I just found my new System disk this weekend.)
* Etc.

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