C’mon, Arthur. Get Meta With Me!

I just have to take a step outside of the website for a moment and point out that I don’t get to choose what ads are placed by Google AdSense. My brilliant idea would be that once I typed a post and hit [Save], AdSense would connect to its home site, pull a bunch of ads I could choose from, and let me check off the 4 I wanted for that particular post. Then, when I hit [Publish], the ads I chose would pop up with that post. On the main site, the sidebar would randomly populate from only the ads I had chosen for each and every post. Alas, that does not happen. If anyone knows of a way to make that happen, please let me know. I honestly would have loved to see a Visine ad connected to that particular post I wrote. I really am sold on the stuff.

All that to say this (Angi), there have been some ads that show up that I would prefer not to have on the site. Some from the Smelly Patients post (I think I might have learned a lesson there) and now one right on the front page about abortion. I am not in favor of abortion, yet I do not like having that ad, especially front and center, pop up here. My problem with it is mostly grammatical. To me, it’s missing a comma. Those are two sentences that can each work independent of the other separated by a conjunction. From what I’ve been taught, that requires a comma. Also, they do not use an apostrophe in their “lets”. That word is a contraction. Let us –> Let’s. Use the apostrophe already. Don’t link your crappy ad to my site if it’s not going to be grammatically correct.

I know the solution is to not use Google AdSense, but I thought I could get some cool ads when I write about some things. I don’t expect to be able to make a bunch of money and retire to blogging my whole life off the product. I just wanted to see what happens. When I write about Visine, I expect a Visine ad. I guess this trial isn’t working up to my expectations. I will keep it a bit longer and see. There’s always the possibility of a site redesign! Those are a pain, to me, though.

Thank you for coming to play. I will have something better to post later tonight. At least, I think it’s better. :shrug:

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  1. You can add advertisers to the block list in AdSense. I don’t know how many, but you could block the abortion ad, or anything else you want.

  2. Scoob says:

    “I’m gonna call you ‘Speak’, ’cause that’s what you do!”

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