Dear KFC, Wilson St. Brewer, ME

I was seriously annoyed to arrive home Saturday night and find that you neglected to include my large mashed potato with gravy. Seriously. I had been anticipating the mashed potato with gravy to go with my fried chicken for at least 5 hours before I sat down at the dining room table to have my dreams dashed in a most cruel manner. Anger and contempt crept into my breast, toward a company who could do such thing to a man. This sort of dastardly upcharging while downsizing is exactly what’s wrong with America.

I really, really didn’t want to leave the house again, and you don’t deliver, so I ate a sad meal before bed. I find that I am quite unsatisfied with this predicament. Now, since you would surely succor me in no way, I am forced to do my worst: passive-aggressiveness that is an internet blog post.

Lesson to self: Always check the bag for your contents in their entirety before leaving the window. May the next generation learn from the atrocities of their elders.

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5 Responses to Dear KFC, Wilson St. Brewer, ME

  1. Did you call them about it? They’ll replace it for you next time you are in.

  2. Roger says:

    No, I didn’t call. I didn’t really expect that they keep this big, long list of people they’ve robbed.

  3. Scoob says:

    To fulfill my own self righteous ire I always drive back. They must be held accountable for actions!!! May they be damned to the nine hells!!!!!

  4. Roger says:

    It’s hard to drive back and bring nine-hells damnation when you’re just plain tired and you want to eat so you can go to bed.

  5. Scoob says:


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