Gas Hike

I guess ARGS just isn’t exciting enough for you. Hows this for news:

In case you missed it, gas prices went up as much as 20 cents today. When I drove to work, the stations nearby had it at $3.09 for regular. During my lunchtime walk it was $3.19. When I left work, it was $3.29.

One news article says, “Crude oil advanced to a record $101.32 barrel in New York on Wednesday amid rising demand and concern inflation will erode the value of alternative investments.” From reading the article, it seems the price goes up on people’s guesses about future demand.

What will it take to get us on public transportation?


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5 Responses to Gas Hike

  1. Cousin Dave says:

    Glad I have a gas card!

  2. Roger says:

    You mean a business card that you get to charge all your gas to?

  3. Scoob says:

    I “can” walk to work if I so wish to. . . but I am a lazy American so I drive.

  4. Roger says:


  5. Cousin Dave says:

    Yes! a corporate gas card! ::Slap Hands!::

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