Hey, What Did We Learn Friday?

Highlights from the Men’s Outing:

  • The new guy fit in almost immediately. Brotherly insults are a universal language.
  • No stops on the way up. How was I supposed to get everyone tanked on caffeine?
  • Seven people, five beds. Who booked the lodge, anyway, someone who likes to cuddle? They must have chickened out, because I didn’t get any invites to share a bunk.
  • We decided we wanted to have supper first and eat the snacks later. We then proceeded to eat the chips while supper took almost 2 hours to cook.
  • Apples to Apples thwarts my every attempt at cunning. I think the red cards should be blank and the players should be given pencils. Then the judge can choose the best original answer. Silly quotes optional.
  • Don’t pretend you’ll play Cranium at 11:30 PM and not think I’ll take you up on it, even if I have been up since 5 AM.
  • Don’t threaten to prank me in my sleep when you’ll fall asleep before me.
  • Ten AM is an early check-out time.
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    6 Responses to Hey, What Did We Learn Friday?

    1. Actually, the room sleeps 8 (before you hit the floor). But nobody wanted to double up on the double-bed.

      And I don’t know whose idea it was to shaving cream me… but I’ll be getting even. I have my suspicions, and those are good enough for me. 😈

    2. Roger says:

      I don’t know whose idea it was, but I watched the person do it. 😀

    3. Ted says:

      I have used the shaving cream before. Just be glad it wasn’t tooth paste. Much harder to clean up.

    4. Scoob says:

      Manly men don’t cuddle, though sleeping head to foot is acceptable. It is hard to find a guy with non-stinky feet!!!
      And about the 11:30 Cranium challenge, all I have to say is SNL marathon. . . the Tick would have been proud.

    5. Roger says:

      Since the feet are the stinky parts, how come men don’t sleep feet to feet?

      The SNL marathon drove me stir crazy. I found out that day that I can only take so many hours of straight television.

    6. Scoob says:

      Crazy? You made the the Tick look sane!

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