Smelly Patients

Today was an incredibly busy day at work. It was the busiest day we’ve had since the urgent care location opened. With that in mind I have a question for all the patients in the audience:

I understand you’re sick, but why can’t you brush your teeth and maybe, for the love of everyone you’ll come in contact with, at least put on some deodorant, even if you can’t shower before you come to the Urgent Care office*? Thank you for coming in with unnecessary, putrid odor following your every move. That doesn’t make anyone feel more sorry for you and treat you better. Everyone is given outstanding care regardless of smell.

Do yourself a favor next time. Shower first. I mean, you have to put up with the smell, too.

*Most patients we see aren’t so sick that they couldn’t take a shower before coming.

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5 Responses to Smelly Patients

  1. Scoob says:

    If I could only say the same about people being arrested and brought to the jail.
    I for one feel better when I am sick after a nice hot shower, actually a shower anytime feels better.

  2. Roger says:

    You should be able to bring a hose into the cell block and rinse them down. Man, is this prison or is it a hotel?

  3. cousin dave says:

    Try living near Lewiston…… The average citizen of Lewiston is allergic to soap. Some test ones intestinal fortitude!

  4. Scoob says:

    There is a reason Lewiston is known as the armpit of Maine!

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