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Can Friends Be Friends Forever?

If I was surprised when Kathy walked up, then I was amazed to see Mark’s face. “There are a few more people (family) that want to come to dinner tonight. Is that ok?” The Doughtys were in town and apparently … Continue reading

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Looking Back

I figured it out. I know where we missed the opportunity. We definitely didn’t blow it, but it could have been even better. There were three of us, all in our early twenties, living together across the street from a … Continue reading

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Today’s Family, Tomorrow’s Me

When I arrived home last night, there was a message on the answering machine. My father left a message stating that my nephew had died this past weekend. This message was from a father I never had while growing up. … Continue reading

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Follow My Banner, Typhoid Marys!

Come, all ye who are feeling unwell, yet not bad off enough to stay home from work! Join me in rampaging over those who are not sick in any way! We’ll infect those closest to us, and, after the dizziness … Continue reading

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I prefer not to think of it as belly button lint but instead think of it as emergency rations.

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Flesh Eating Disease

It seems I picked up some kind of superbug at the gym last night. I was graciously brought to Planet Fitness as a guest of a co-worker. I went straight for the free weights, ignoring the fact that I haven’t … Continue reading

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Out of Control

We’ve let the house go too long. It was innocent, deciding to rest a day here and there instead of cleaning, but it has gotten out of control. The crumbs on the kitchen floor are painful little caltrops to any … Continue reading

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Shaking Hands

Up until rather recently, I’ve been indifferent to the practice of shaking hands. Now I just plain don’t like it. Last summer I did some rather innocent yard work out back but ended up with tendinitis in my elbow. Tennis … Continue reading

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Game Night

I declare last Thursday’s game night, put on by ARGS, a success! We started handing out invitations barely a week before. It was supposed to be a laid-back affair, not some big production. Whoever could come, could come. We weren’t … Continue reading

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Stabbing May Be Harmful to Monkeys

I have never done such a thing before, but I simply must post this YouTube video on this site. Enjoy.

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Why CCM?

Here’s something I began writing…well over a year ago. I meant to go further, but never got back to it. It’s complete enough as is. Here’s my reasoning for listening to Contemporary Christian Music (CCM): 1) I like the sound … Continue reading

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Tired Tuesday

At 2 AM this morning I woke up to use the bathroom. No big deal, go, come back to bed, go back to sleep. Wrong. Shortly after returning to bed, I was again awakened by the loud sounds of jets … Continue reading

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Slow Down Again

In sequel to the last Slow Down post, I have had another such experience. On the way home from work, there is a stretch of road where is it rather easy to find yourself driving quite fast. Since this is … Continue reading

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