Can Friends Be Friends Forever?

If I was surprised when Kathy walked up, then I was amazed to see Mark’s face.

“There are a few more people (family) that want to come to dinner tonight. Is that ok?” The Doughtys were in town and apparently expanding our gathering for dinner on Friday night. I didn’t care who came. I didn’t imagine it would take away from the excitement of seeing everyone again. It had been a bit too long.

I warned them of the potential problems with going to Texas Roadhouse: a little noisy for visiting, horrible seating practices, and problems seating large groups together. As long as they were fine with the place, I was willing to go. I like the food.

Somehow, the noise turned out not to be a problem. The music even seemed lower than I ever remember hearing it. How long the wait was, I don’t know. I was engaged by a beautiful young child and the best friends I had ever known. Most amazing, though, was the fact that our group was able to sit together in three booths all in a row. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a thing. The night was truly magical.

The server played along well, the sweet tea was good, the food was good, and the company was excellent. I couldn’t imagine any group that I could feel more comfortable, more at home, and more close to. I even went and got all sappy.

I’ve been married almost seven and a half years now. A lot has changed in the lives of everyone present at the table Friday night. If I listed each person there, I could also produce a long list of what has gone on in their life in the last 7.5 years. However, one thing remains, and I shared it with the group. If I had to play the groom and organize a wedding all over again, these are the same exact people that I would choose to be by my side. In all the years and all the changes, no one has come closer. I’m rather amazed.

It’s sad, but there was one person from my wedding party missing on Friday night. This wasn’t because they were working or they were out of town. They just slowly drifted apart from the rest of us shortly after the wedding. Because of this, there is an open spot in my current wedding party. Not the best man spot; that is definitely taken. However, I’m down a man and can’t think of many who could possible step into the roll.

Feel free to apply, if you’d like.

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2 Responses to Can Friends Be Friends Forever?

  1. ted says:

    I am funny and often well liked at weddings. But I do eat a lot.

  2. Roger says:

    Your proximity is something else we’d have to discuss. I’ll put you in the B pile.

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