Game Night

I declare last Thursday’s game night, put on by ARGS, a success!

We started handing out invitations barely a week before. It was supposed to be a laid-back affair, not some big production. Whoever could come, could come. We weren’t working around schedules; we were just setting a date and saying whoever can come that night gets to play games.

We started out with a game of Apples to Apples. This gathered us together and occupied us until it was time to get the pizza.

After we ate, the group, rather large now for a single game, broke up. Six played Cranium and 5 -6 played Who? What? Where? From the noises you could hear at the tables, you could tell a great time was had by all. There was one spectator that night, so in total we had 13 people. Not too shabby.

There are some things I would probably do differently a second time. One is to pay the babysitter less. That sounds really cruel to me, but I have been convinced that it’s not quite as hard to play prepared games with children when their parents are in the same room. Yes, it takes time and time is money, but the babysitter got free pizza and a good reputation out of the deal, too. Maybe some future business?

Next, start the game night at 6:30 and just have everyone eat before they come. The amount of time mature adults spend deciding where to order from and what to order is just sad. Nobody seems to be willing to share an opinion or make a decisive comment. I find that too bad and, combined with going to get the food and thus taking away from my gaming time (though it wasn’t a big deal to me) and having to pay for the difference between what was collected from people and what was actually spent, I’d skip the food the next time. Bring your own snack and drink, but eat your meal before you come.

Next time? Sure. We’ll probably try again after the college semester’s over.

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6 Responses to Game Night

  1. Scoob says:

    Not to be too intrusive but what is too much for a babysitter? Is there a price on the care and welfare of one’s children? Oh, and free food for a babysitter is standard fare. When one has someone babysit and food is needed the babysitter eats for free. That is all if you have a smart babysitter who knows the standards if you don’t and then you can fleece her/him but then is that right? I leave that for you to judge.

  2. Roger says:

    You’re talking about babysitters with someone who doesn’t have children. All I can really tell you is what I said above. That and what I was given to pay the babysitter was less than I think it should have been.

    Then again, I gave all the cash I was given to the babysitter and, at this point, I paid for all the food out of my own pocket.

  3. Scoob says:

    Damn cheap bastards!!! You should establish that each parent should pay a set rate for each child and then also chip in money for food on top of that. . . or just start at a post dinner hour as you previously suggested.

  4. Scoob says:

    Brownies are delicious.

  5. Roger says:

    I’m not a brownie fan. Girl Scouts are OK because they sell me cookies.

    Neither are as tough as Gnomes, though.

  6. Yeah… we kinda had a set rate, and most folks didn’t bother paying that.

    I think we’ll try a few things different next time and see how it goes. I think the dinner before idea is good. And just ask everyone to bring a bag of chips/desert and a bottle of soda.

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