Slow Down Again

In sequel to the last Slow Down post, I have had another such experience.

On the way home from work, there is a stretch of road where is it rather easy to find yourself driving quite fast. Since this is the case, I decided, maybe a couple weeks ago, to actually look and see what the speed limit was. Was it 35, or was it actually 25? It turns out that the speed limit is 25, and, having satisfied my curiosity, I continued on.

Fast forward to no more than a week later, I was flying down the stretch of road again, going much closer to 45 than to 25. For some reason I said to myself, “it would be really easy to get pulled over here.” I decided I had better slow down. No sooner had I worked my way closer to 30 MPH than I saw a police officer sitting in a business driveway ready to pull out behind speeders.

So ended slow down lesson number two. One of these times I may even actually learn.

Incidentally, this took place probably not 500 feet from the distracting reminder of a roadside memorial I have mentioned previously.

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5 Responses to Slow Down Again

  1. ted says:

    I think it is time to get a segway.

  2. Roger says:

    I’ve mentioned those before. Eric (a once-contributor to the site) was recently talking about the island that the segway creator owns.

    I’ve actually been considering a moped/scooter.

  3. I want a Segway. Roger is going to buy me one when he is rich (he said he’d buy two when he is rich AND famous).

  4. Roger says:

    So you get one when I’m rich, but I don’t get one until I’m rich AND famous?

    I’m quite the guy!

  5. ted says:

    You are either quite a kind hearted individual or a poor businessman.

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