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Gairloch, cont.

In his plate armor, carrying his maul, he looked pretty tough…for a gnome. He had heard about this land above. He wanted to look tough. He wanted to look menacing. He wanted people to skirt around him. He didn’t want … Continue reading

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Breaking off the rust: Gairloch stepped out of the cave entrance and into the brisk night air. The sensation of not having a roof over his head was disconcerting at best. Subliminally, he clung to the earth even more tenaciously … Continue reading

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Good Leaders

You know how there can be too many chiefs and not enough Indians? Too many people are trying to be the one(s) in charge, but nobody wants to do the work. I’m under the impression that good leaders also make … Continue reading

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Is anyone else sick of foot-long receipts when buying one item? We should start a grass-roots movement…or something.

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Who Gives a Fig?

What human being was twisted enough to merge figs and whole grain into one fruit newton? . . . . . . . . . . . Seriously, with enough fiber to effectively scrub your colon clean, these things should … Continue reading

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Inverse Work Proportions

I actually started raking the lawn beside the road Monday night. I didn’t plan on doing it for long, which is probably why I accomplished a lot more than I expected. Is there some kind of a physical law that … Continue reading

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Manservant Marcus

Do you have a problem making yourself understood to others? Do you sometimes wish for someone who could translate what you imply to say into meaningful speech? Are you one of many groups* who has trouble communicating with the rest … Continue reading

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Sugar Experiment

I’m currently trying to figure out why I’m so tired all the time. My normal sleeping hours are from 10 PM – 5 AM. However, I’ve been to bed earlier all week. Usually I’m able to get right out of … Continue reading

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It’s a dreary day, if you let it be. Why allow the weather to control your mood? When it’s hot out, you can use the air conditioner. When it’s cold out, you can turn up the heat. When it’s too … Continue reading

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