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Vermont Wrap Up

All in all, Vermont has the most beautiful natural scenery out of all the places I’ve been. You’re constantly driving among forested valleys while looking up at mountains surrounding you. Plush farmland also often sprinkles the view. In my mind, … Continue reading

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2008 Vacation, Final Days

Yesterday we finally decided to drive 45 minutes for a decent meal. Longhorn is in Willington, which would have been another place better to go to than Burlington. Willington is where all the big box stores are like Wal*Mart, Circuit … Continue reading

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2008 Vacation, Day 6

Stayed in. All day. Took a shower around 6…PM. Only got dressed because my skin started sticking to the wooden chair where I was sitting playing my computer game. At Oreos for supper and Ben & Jerry’s for dessert around … Continue reading

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2008 Vacation, Day 5

Before I start day 5, I bet you can’t guess what the weather’s like today, day 6? Yeah. Overcast with 50% chance of showers. Thank you, Vermont, for a stimulatingly sunny week. It’s too bad we’re going to have to … Continue reading

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2008 Vacation, Day 4

Taste of Vermont. We came, we saw, we tasted. Trapp Family Lodge. When the Von Trapps left the set of the Sound of Music, they settled in Vermont. Now their lodge is a timeshare. There is a good bakery on-site, … Continue reading

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2008 Vacation, Day 3

Burlington, oh Burlington. How can Church St have so many shops that neither one of us were interested in? Seriously, we totally wasted our time going down there. On the way back we stopped at the Essex Shopping Plaza. This…this, … Continue reading

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2008 Vacation, Day 2

Rain, rain on my face Hasn’t stopped raining for days My world is a flood Slowly I become one with the mud… RCI Orientation Meeting: >1 hour history lesson on Vermont. I could have listened longer, though we weren’t hearing … Continue reading

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Selah In Concert

I forgot to mention the concert on Saturday night. In a word, Selah was powerful. Todd, the male lead singer is pretty darn amazing. The piano player was rather into the concert, too. I don’t really want to run out … Continue reading

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2008 Vacation, Day 1

I have transported my wife safely to her vacation destination. I’ve signed up for week-long internet access while she soaks in the jacuzzi in the master bedroom. Why is it that low-rate hotels and motels will provide you with free … Continue reading

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Mouth Sores

Teeth vs Lips Continue reading

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A Whole New World

I don’t know what the shop did to my car that second day, but now I can time travel. Eat my dust, rusty Delorean!

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Scourge of the Automotive Industry

My podracer, Optima Prime, has come to be feared far and wide in the local area. Today I left it at a reputable business, which Cousin Dave suggested, for routine spark plug, fuel filter, and oil changes. When I tried … Continue reading

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Tennis Elbow/Lateral Epicondylitis

Since my tennis elbow seems to be a popular subject around here, I thought I’d list some signs/symptoms and the things I was told to do to help cure it. Maybe others could self-diagnose and try to treat themselves before … Continue reading

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Candle Party

On Monday, the wife will have a wonderful gathering of social misfits and other people you wouldn’t normally invite into your house (except you, of course). This is called a candle party. How do you prepare for a candle party, … Continue reading

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Merchant Troupe

The elephant lifted Maya up to the platform on its trunk. That alone was enough to capture the crowd’s attention. The seemingly docile behemoth took a couple steps back, swaying while moving. Her salvar pants ruffled in the slight breeze … Continue reading

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Random PM

Why would someone who just joined a message board with thousands of members PM me with a “Hi I’m new. How’s it going?” message, followed by a quote about Buddhism, when I’m one of the least contributing members of the … Continue reading

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Annoying Hardware

I have an arm band and a wrist splint for my tennis elbow. This could severely limit my typing for a while.

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