2008 Vacation, Day 5

Before I start day 5, I bet you can’t guess what the weather’s like today, day 6? Yeah. Overcast with 50% chance of showers. Thank you, Vermont, for a stimulatingly sunny week. It’s too bad we’re going to have to go back to MAINE to warm up!!

Day 5. Lazy day. Stayed in the suite quite a while reading and playing the computer game I brought. When we finally left, it was to drive 10 miles to a bookstore without any interesting books, then drive back to eat at a restaurant which turns out to not be a restaurant. Then we drove back and forth trying to find a place to eat before setting on a little roadhouse whose specialty is burning the food.

Finally we headed to a grocery store which charges more for Ben and Jerry’s than even the price-jacking store on site here at the resort. After that we decided to just come back, relax, snack, and go to be relatively early. I’m hoping against hope that today will be better.

On another note, I decided that if I ever had to build a 1,500 square foot one level home, this would be a great design to copy. Seriously. Two bathrooms, one with two sinks. I jacuzzi in the master bedroom’s bathroom. Three bedrooms, either of the spares plenty big enough for an office. A fireplace. It’s all very nice. I just need a two car garage attached and I could live here for quite a while to save up for my dream home.

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