2008 Vacation, Final Days

Yesterday we finally decided to drive 45 minutes for a decent meal. Longhorn is in Willington, which would have been another place better to go to than Burlington. Willington is where all the big box stores are like Wal*Mart, Circuit City, and Best Buy. Also the good chain restaurants like Longhorn, Chili’s and 99.

Odd thing: Apparently Vermonters use little kids dressed up in silly outfits to attract people to their yard sales. I thought it was merely odd the first time, but thought I saw a pattern the second time.

Other than the long drive for lunch (and a book, and a couple CDs), we just stayed in the suite and read/played video games. We definitely wound down the last couple of days here.

Today…it’s sunny and bright. Not a cloud to be seen. And we have to leave. Sweet mother of irony.

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