Merchant Troupe

The elephant lifted Maya up to the platform on its trunk. That alone was enough to capture the crowd’s attention. The seemingly docile behemoth took a couple steps back, swaying while moving.

Her salvar pants ruffled in the slight breeze up on the platform. They were just loose enough to billow, but not enough to hamper her aerodynamics, not that she knew such a word. A choli completed the performance outfit. She grabbed her staff and started across the tightrope.

Feats of fleet-footedness came easily to Maya, and she scrambled across the rope without difficulty. Of course, the crowd wanted death-defying, so she wobbled once or twice for their pleasure. On the return trip, she held the staff in front of her, parallel to the ground, and did a forward flip over it, landing perfectly balanced on her feet. Cheers arose from all around.

Maya easily reached the platform where she began, and the elephant’s trunk was there to lower her back down. With a final nod to the audience, she tucked into a ball and rolled down the trunk and up onto the beast’s head. With a final flourish, she smiled and waved.

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