Scourge of the Automotive Industry

My podracer, Optima Prime, has come to be feared far and wide in the local area.

Today I left it at a reputable business, which Cousin Dave suggested, for routine spark plug, fuel filter, and oil changes. When I tried to pick it up and drive it off the lot, the check engine light was on. I backed it right back into the parking spot. Someone, not the guy who did the work, came to help me. He didn’t find anything unplugged under the hood. He hooked up the little diagnostic machine and couldn’t tell what was wrong (manufacturer specific code). He cleared the light and told me to let them know if anything was wrong when driving it home.

I got out onto the road and headed toward the traffic light. The car wouldn’t shift from second to third gear unless I let up off the gas. That was wrong. I drove it back to my parking spot.

The owner is very upset at the…quality…or thoroughness, maybe…of the servicing wasn’t preformed properly. I drove it home in standard, instead of automatic (I can do both, yeah, I rule…or my car…used to…anyway). I get to go back in the morning and live today over again…

…getting the car right this time.


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